Septor Right Assembly

What does the ProBar “feel” like?

Septor Right Assembly

This weapon of fitness’ greatest strength is also its weakness. Behind its sleek, elegant black and chrome accented looks lies a plethora of hidden features that make the ProBar a unique tool unlike anything else that’s on the market.

Haters will be quick to judge it by its appearance and will equally fast point to cheaper obvious alternatives. Anyone, however, who actually experienced the ProBar, who felt its instant “activation” (and we know it’s a buzz word, we’re not trying to hide behind it in a pseudo-scientific fashion) tends to adopt a different opinion. The gist of it is: it works.

Not only does it work, but it works differently. If simply holding on to a PVC pipe would do the corrective job of better alignment, more people would do it. It’s not holding it wider that corrects the pattern. It’s the muscular irradiation that most people fail to sustain. We know, we see how holding the ProBar’s tension created by the spring humbles the toughest of trainers. The other benefit of this action is also the reciprocal inhibition thusly created which helps improve alignment, and the “opening” of the upper anterior chain as the upper posterior chain engages is also something you clearly “feel” when engaging the distraction feature of the ProBar.

Here’s a quick look at the difference in activation in the ProBar’s spring-loaded resistance vs a towel or elastic tubing (one and two bands).

We also see an instant improvement in alignment and range of motion, which incidentally results in improved function.

Then, there’s the offset center of mass provided by the slugs you can custom insert into the handles. How does that feel? Like a hammer. Hold a hammer by its end, with the head up, and tilt. Tilt left, right, forward, backwards. That feeling. Adjust your hand position on the handle, move it up. Repeat. Easier. Right? Simple leverage adjustment.

You won’t find a tool that does both distraction and leveraged loading. You can adjust the length of the bar too, from 2 feet to 4 feet. You can progress, regress in a measurable fashion with direct visual metrics and feedback.

Torque. Lever. Distraction. Center of mass. Manipulate these quickly like toggling between apps on your smartphone allows you to create infinite possibilities and nuances in your training no other device can reproduce. While the ProBar may not go as deep, as wide, as heavy as some other tools, it’s meant to work on the most important elements of your fitness so you can do more of your chosen activity. Not just more of it, but more of it better.

Take the challenge!