mechanical gear

What are the inner workings and design of the ProBar?

mechanical gear

What you can’t see, you need to feel to grasp what the ProBar does.

But if you need to see it to appreciate it, let us work you through some of the ProBar’s designs with some X-ray vision.

The schematics below alone can tell you a great deal about the process it took to take this idea from thought to paper to the machine shop and why it’s not just a piece of mold injected PVC with rubber tied to it! (Specs are currently altered for legal purposes, this is the “Mark I” design but the functionality remains the same)

Solid construction of stainless steel, aluminum and weapon grade polymer.

Septor Top Assembly

Springs tested to 40,000 pulls without failure for muscular hyper irradiation.

Tension Spring

Telescoping, spring-loaded self-locking sliding mechanism.

ProBar Mobility design layout

Customizable loading through handle-insertable 500g slugs to create torque and manipulate leverage.

Multi-purpose all-in-one tool. A serious piece of fitness weaponry!

The ProBar Mobility

All of it concealed inside a sleek, elegant design made for James Bond if he were a Ninja, with the agility of the a clone of Gambit and Daredevil!