Top 5 Moves for Golfers

ProBar Mobility Sports Training

Top 5 Moves for Golfers

ProBar Mobility Sports Training

Top 5 Moves for Golfers

The selection of these 5 exercises takes into consideration the most common statistical needs of the population, regardless of their skill level at golf or any other sport. They are designed to address tightness in the hips and shoulders, as well as strengthening of the core musculature and developing rotational power intrinsic to a better golf swing, with some incidental benefits.

And no, our ability to count beyond five is not compromised, as it would appear in the video that there are six (6) moves: one is merely a progression from the previous, as you progress towards improving your shoulder mobility 🙂

The purpose of these exercises is to get you from 0 to swinging as quickly and effectively as possible!


As stated before, the needs of the golfer meet the needs of the individual leading a life where sitting (work, commute, meals, TV) and typing on computers, tablets or smartphones. These needs are:

  1. Shoulder, hip and thoracic mobility
  2. Core rotational stability and power
  3. Grip strength

The ProBar can be easily reconfigured to address all these needs and prime the body for action by performing the recommended exercises in a matter of minutes.


Triple Stretch: by distracting the ProBar and bringing it up, over and behind the head into shoulder flexion, we engage the musculature in the upper posterior chain


Half Shoulder 360º: this move is the primer to the Full Shoulder 360º. Gentle on the shoulder, simple rotation, do this by maintaining a locked elbow and straight arm, using it as fulcrum/pivot point for the other hand to go over the head. Also good if injured at the shoulder. You can eventually ditch this one in favor of the “full” variation below.


Full Shoulder 360º: Once you are either warmed up from the previous move, or have enough mobility and no shoulder injuries (or at least well recovered from it), proceed to this movement. Both elbows have to be locked to do this right! Do not bend the elbow or you will lose out on the inhibition of the chest muscles (they won’t stretch and you won’t be able to do the move). Once you pass your sticky point, the movement “satisfies” (you got over the fear). May take some getting used to it, no need to go all the way, just make it gradual.


T-Twist: Hold the hand that doesn’t distract the ProBar “inside” the opening, e.g. if your left hand is extending the ProBar, the right hand sits to the left of the chrome ring marking the right side’s opening. Then, once the other side is open, slide our your hand enough to get a full arm extension on the left, but keep the elbow tucked and close to the ribs on the right.


Low to High Swing: sort of like a golf swing, we make it go low to high so you do it on both sides to rebuild balance in the body’s muscles.


Front Lever Squat: a great exercise that allows you to squat deeper and engage full range of motion and mobility in the hips, knees and ankle. Your legs are your foundation. The better they move, the better you move as a whole and having no restrictions opens you up for better skill in your chosen activity (e.g. golf in this case).