standup paddleboard

The Ultimate Freedom is to work out ANYWHERE!

standup paddleboard

Reviewing a few tools to perform the exercises we’ve recently been covering as offering a great bang for your buck, we find that, ultimately, the ability and the freedom to be like a runner, a calisthenics athlete or a parkour “traceur” (needing very little yet doing a whole lot) is the ultimate freedom (and check out Gray applying the chop/lift pattern on his stand-up paddle board!)

Check out a few devices you can use for chops and lifts, like a Cook bar, Cook bands, a medicine ball (which are all great, but not super convenient to carry around, but for the bands which you still need attaching and eventually replacing), and see why the ProBar is your go-to choice in the end!

Now, why do we do these moves again?

  • Killer upper body workout and posture reinforcer
  • Body knowledge on these cross body moves
  • Great hip and core stability and improved balance

Gray Cook explains it best in the links below, and his stance is that “the chop and lift are fundamental building blocks for hip and trunk stability, (they) coordinate muscle activity with functional movement patterns.Working movement patterns will change patterns as well as muscles” (as opposed to just working the muscles)

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Intro to the Chops and Lifts

Chop and Lift Anywhere

Chop for Power