Trevor Anderson

As a performance specialist for over 20 years, I firmly believe that MOVEMENT is paramount. Preparing my athletes to perform and helping them move better is my priority. With any of my athletes, whether it is NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA/LPGA, USATF, or otherwise, I have found that using the ProBar has helped me fast track their activation and movement preparation routines. I have always been a fan of using a dowel rod in multiple ways to activate, but the physiological responses that I get by using the ProBar have really helped me identify what my athletes need to work on the most. I have used ProBar to implement a series of corrective exercises to improve any deficits in their stability, mobility, and coordination to make sure that we are getting the most out of each performance session.


BETTER EVERY DAY Performance Institute (Owner)
• Under Armour Training Team • TRX Master Instructor •
• SPRI Master Trainer • GOLFleticism® Creator •