Dr Nick Mangone

I will bring this to a ton of different populations, from my high school athletes who are looking to take that next step, maybe take it to that next rep in the weight room or score that next goal on the field, and my patients’ routines as well. It is something I can specifically use with them, it’s easy to set up, I can do it right in the clinic, and show them how far they’ve come. (…) Mobility makes all the difference. I tell my patients all the time “you can be strong in 45º of motion, but if you’re not getting that full motion, you’re not getting any added benefit, so being able to utilize a tool like [the ProBar] them bring them back to their full mobility then being able to strengthen them within that full mobility is going to make a world of difference to them.

The whole idea of the posterior chain activation is something that I coach and with some patients I’m banging my head against the wall, trying to get them to activate and connect to it. With a tool like the ProBar it’s just automatic