Snow Sports ProBar Conditioning

ProBar Mobility Snow Sports

Snow Sports ProBar Conditioning

ProBar Mobility Snow Sports

With the upcoming Winter Olympics, ’tis not just the Holiday Season, ’tis prime snowboarding and skiing season too!

Much like playing a pick-up game of basketball on the weekend without any prep during the week, or ongoing practice, and just “showing up” to the game, folks go up on the slopes without any prior prep. One of my personal favorite expressions (I came up with it myself), is “the slopes are just as steep for the advanced as they are for the novice: they don’t adjust to your skill level. You have to bring yourself up to the level”.

I remember years ago going on a snowboarding trip with a few buddies. One was a personal trainer with legs like oak, another of a slightly more “robust” build. The former was in no condition to snowboard and his legs cramped up after a mere couple of rides, while the latter ended up losing his balance, falling forward and breaking his clavicle. Freak accident, maybe. The fact of the matter is: people get hurt. Causes? Many. Prevention? Options!

We’re not expecting you to careen down the hill like Lindsey Vonn and go through her level of year-round prep. We would like to offer you some quick, effective options, however. Yes, “quick”, but only because the ProBar is indeed a highly engaging piece of hardware that allows you to dial into your muscles’s software more effectively than most other tools combined.

These modules are broken up by ProBar Configuration. The Long and Dual Weighted present a bit more challenge but cover more ground and angles. The Short configuration module is more if you’re pressed for time or want to bring the short bar with you on the slopes and store it in your rental locker in case you cooled off from your warm-up by the time you sorted yourself out logistically 🙂

ProBar Mobility Snow Sports

Individuals of all levels of fitness are encouraged to explore the movements to their own abilities. All drills are focused on mobility and reflexive core stability (in lay terms, essentially being able to remain upright while twisting, which happens a lot in snowboarding!).

SNOW SPORTS MODULE 1: LONG CONFIGURATION (addition of weights at your discretion):

  1. Overhead Squat
  2. Overhead side-to-side Cossack
  3. Overhead Chinese Side Bend Squat
  4. In-Line Twisting Lunge (overhead or across shoulders)


  1. Front Lever Ski Pole Squat
  2. Inside Twist Chop & Lunge
  3. Side-to-side Cross-out Lunge
  4. Chinese Squat with Forward Slash


  1. Hip Hinge to Arm Raise
  2. Twisting Squat with Mixed Grip Chop

Perform each move about 5-10 times, holding the stretch or bottom position for a count of 2. Each module should be completed in about 2-5 minutes at the very minimum, but you may go much higher in reps or rounds as it is a great way to improve general conditioning!