ProBar Teams with AMPD Golf Performance to Help Golfers through Mobility Training


ProBar Teams with AMPD Golf Performance to Help Golfers through Mobility Training


ProBar Mobility, the premier bar-based mobility system on the market, has partnered with Damon Goddard of AMPD Golf Performance to help golfers of all levels improve their overall game through better movement patterns and flexibility.

Developed out of the necessity to help prevent injuries due to poor movement patterns, ProBar Mobility corrects poor movement patterns and creates a wider, more precise range of motion for enhanced, injury-free performance. Whether it’s for improving golf performance, undoing the tightness of sitting at a desk or simply moving better in everyday life, ProBar was designed to increase mobility, improve joint stability and strength, and ultimately help athletes perform better and reduce the risk of injury.

With over 18 years of experience in the sports performance and fitness industry, Goddard and his team have worked with all levels of golfers, ranging from elite junior golf-athletes to three-time Major winner and one of the best in the world, Jordan Spieth. A Level 3 Certified Golf Performance Instructor through Titleist Performance Institute and guest on the Golf Channel, Goddard is considered one of the leading experts in golf performance. He is an athlete, author and educator who focuses on proprietary individual athlete assessment programs that result in customized plans for every athlete.

The ProBar is one bar that configures into three training modalities including a long bar, short bar, and dual bars, offering the user a variety of exercises that can address a wide range of issues such as tight shoulders, a sore back or tightness in the sitting and squat positions. The patented twist-and-pull feature with spring-loaded resistance engages muscles to correct poor movement patterns and dysfunction that often lead to pain and injury. Additional weights are included in the system so that users may adjust resistance with subsequent progression.

“The ProBar and its many different configurations is an excellent device for golfers and other skilled athletes who are seeking greater mobility, better alignment, and improved movement,” said Bo Dubbert, CEO of ProBar Mobility.

“We are excited to have Damon and AMPD Golf Performance on board to develop further education and golf programming designed to help all golfers of all levels move better, swing better, and naturally, play better.”

“After testing the ProBar for a few months, I immediately recognized the benefits that the versatile mobility can offer to my athletes,” said Goddard. “Many exercises athletes and golfers currently are focused solely on the sagittal plane of motion, which are the forward and back, push and press movements such as running, biking, squatting and pushups. The ProBar’s patented twist and pull feature with spring loaded resistance allows for a wider range of motion and exercises that include frontal and transverse planes, meaning more lateral side to side movements and rotational movements. This trifecta of movement patterns is integral to our training programs, making this partnership an ideal fit for us.”

Together, ProBar and AMPD Golf Performance will evolve with new education and programming specific to golfers, so they can move better, play better and be injury free. For more information or to purchase the ProBar Mobility, visit

About ProBar Mobility
ProBar is the premium bar-based mobility system that activates muscles for a more active and injury-free lifestyle. Its patented twist-and-pull feature with spring-loaded resistance helps an individual to move better and correct poor movement patterns and dysfunction that often lead to pain and injury.

About Team AMPD
AMPD Golf Performance is a result of over 10 years of dedication and experience of developing golfers into athletes all under the direction of Damon Goddard, Co-Founder & Director of Performance. They provide a program for golf-athletes of all ages and abilities to optimize their game by increasing performance and reducing the risk for injury. Over the years they have produced two US Amateur Champions, Fed Ex Champions, three Major Champions and multiple winners on the PGA, LPGA, Tour. Their athletes’ success stories go far beyond professional golfers and they help all levels of golfers feel better, play better, and unleash their potential. Team AGP will continue to strive to be the standard bearer for the golf fitness industry.