ProBar All-Access Online Training Course – Accessory Drills

This all-access course will teach you 20 additional accessory drills, plus the 3 ProBar Building Blocks that can be implemented into any athletic, training, or rehab program.

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ProBar Fundamentals Online Training Course – Exercise Library

Join Master Instructors, Chris, Kati, and Caleb to review why we use the ProBar Mobility System and how to get started with your new training tool. The ProBar Fundamental Movements distill thousands of complex into bite-size pieces which can be easily learned and implemented into your programming.

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Expanding more on the above topics, you will learn all three pillars of the ProBar Mobility System, which revolve around One Tool, Two Modalities and Three Configurations​You also walk away from the course with your very own ProBar and will have the opportunity to purchase additional kits if desired

Here are some highlights from one of our courses:


First we will go through the basic mechanics of how to assemble your ProBar, which includes:
– Assembling and identifying the end caps, also referred to as ball ends.
– Recognizing which extremities of the ProBar the ball ends thread into.
– How to assemble the two short ProBars into one long ProBar.
– How to add the weights, also referred to as “slugs” (the 500g/1.1lb cylinders) to micro-load the ProBar (one of the ProBar’s 2 modalities, which is torque or leverage manipulation).

Then, we will go over the proper mechanics of how to activate the ProBar’s key extension feature, which we commonly referred to as “twist and pull” or sometimes call it “distraction”. The action of twisting and pulling the ProBar is gentle, simple, no forcing allowed


We believe in learning by doing, simply. We can’t promise it will be easy, but we can promise you will.feel.everything. Get ready to enjoy the burn from this unassuming tool!

Learning by doing promotes a better:

– Experience and understand at your individual level of training, education or background, whether you are a physical therapist, personal trainer, strength and condition coach for professional athletes or a fitness enthusiast who is curious to learn more.
– Interaction with course attendees and instructors by providing your individual feedback and how it ties into your specific background. We welcome a wide variety and diversity of disciplines, whether you are a powerlifter, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, Crossfit coach, golf or tennis coach etc.
– Assimilation of the system and its exercises more easily so that you can walk away with a faster understanding of the ProBar’s applications, without suffering from “learning indigestion” or “paralysis by analysis” come Monday when you go back to your regular activities.


“Symptoms make it hard, systems make it easy”

From conducting a movement screen to learning how to scale, progress or regress the various exercises covered in the Foundations course, you will be better equipped to:
– Select and periodize your or your clients’ program design.
– Reduce the risk of injury potential, as movement screens are not promises of success, rather predictors of failure.
– Simple cues are more effective. The ProBar’s unique self-correcting capabilities will bridge the gap between finding the right verbal cue and managing various levels of knowledge, fatigue, abilities or comprehension, all real life variables.
– Its “What The Hell” effect: it just works! While it’s a tall order to make claims, some movements will produce surprisingly quick results as movements will be both made easier (to perform) and harder (from a muscular engagement standpoint) as you will turn off overactive muscles and turn on underactive muscles, which will feel like you’re working harder, but you’re only working with better form and alignment.

Most importantly, you will learn the ins and outs the ProBar, how to use it as a standalone tool, how to implement it with other tools, its structural design and how the components work together and their choice selection, while leaving room for expansion.


The Foundations Course was initially designed as a 4-hr course based on research and market demands. However, on several occasions, we have been asked whether it would be possible to offer a longer course to delve more in-depth into the ProBar Mobility System’s nuances and applications, notably for distribution purposes. So you get the same content, albeit with more in depth explanations and discussions. Most courses are offered as 4-hour courses, whereas the 8-hr courses have been commissioned individually by groups or organizations.
Both sets of courses are CEU approved.

Most importantly, you will learn the ins and outs the ProBar, how to use it as a standalone tool, how to implement it with other tools, its structural design and how the components work together and their choice selection, while leaving room for expansion.

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Upon competition of the ProBar Foundations Course you’ll receive electronic proof of attendance, which can be redeemed for CEC’s from any of the following organizations: