Philippe Til

Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor
About This Project

Philippe Til has worked in the fitness industry for over two decades, first as a part-time martial arts instructor (holds 2 black belts, Ninjutsu and Shotokan, and was trained in Kali, Muay Thai and Capoeira among others) and later full time as a personal trainer. After suffering some significant injuries that caused 7 disc herniations in his spine, and partial atrophy with nerve damage to his body, Philippe decide to pursue training full time, sought the education and knowledge and committed to help people “prehab” so they wouldn’t get into his predicament.

After a few years in a corporate gym “box”, Philippe branched out on his own, even had his own boutique studio.

Realizing he could only reach so many people in a day, Philippe decided to pursue the research and development of the ProBar, a product incepted when we trained with Wildfitness in London, an organization whose philosophy revolves around natural movement patterns. Continuing his education with Pavel Tsatsouline’s teachings at the RKC and later Strongfirst, Philippe also became certified under Brett Jones, as well as Dr Ed Thomas, as an Indian Clubs Specialist.

Philippe also translated and adapted the works of Georges Hébert and his Natural Method into English. Those books have now been read over 130,000 times!

It is the amalgamation of these training styles, philosophies, infused with his own creativity that led to the creation of the ProBar, after an introduction by fellow kettlebell instructors to Bo Dubbert as his investing partner, who helped bring the ProBar and its vision to the market.

Philippe is husband a father of two, a surfer and a lifelong pursuer of mobility for longevity. He holds a BA equivalent degree in Economics, is NASM CPT, CICS, FMS, FCS and former SFG and RKC.