Jeremy Ng

Master Instructor - (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Master Instructor
About This Project

Jeremy Ng is the founder of Personal Fitness Coach. He is a National Academy of Sports National (NASM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified trainer and is also a certified Emergency First Response (EFR) trainer. Thus far, he has worked with clients with physical injuries such as those who have recovered from surgeries and who are in the rehabilitative stage.

Jeremy is also experienced in sport conditioning; he helps professional athletes to perform in their optimum level. Currently he is training the National Women’s Basketball Team, National Golfer and track & field athletes in Tsun Jin High School.

He is a seasonal facilitator for Emergency First Response and fitness related workshops.

Jeremy also holds several Master Trainer titles for:

– PTA Global
– Power Plate
– FreeMotion Fitness
– Rip:60 Suspended Rotation Trainer
– Twist Conditioning SMART Muscle Programs
– Trigger Point SMRT-CORE
– ViPR
– Sandbell