Loaded Stretching, Pink Panther Stretches and Relaxing Into Stretch

beach exercersing

Loaded Stretching, Pink Panther Stretches and Relaxing Into Stretch

beach exercersing

Loaded Stretching, Pink Panther Stretches and Relaxing Into Stretch

A profound influencer whose teachings have been infused into various training models of the ProBar Mobility System is Pavel Tsatsouline, a world renowned kettlebell expert.

Pavel’s concepts of tension strength and muscular “hyper irradiation” have made their way into the Distraction portion of the ProBar system. On one hand, the action of distracting the ProBar allows the user to instantly dial into that muscular activation, and the isometric tension from holding the bar open while performing other dynamic tasks (abduction, flexion, extension, rotation etc.) promotes fatigue in the muscles and resistance, which lead to better-engaged muscles. As those muscles fatigue, they no longer resist you and promote a deeper stretch.

1) Pink Panther Style: Pavel coined that concept, inspired by the Pink Panther movies where Inspector Clouseau would try top force a door open, only to have hi trusty butler Kato open the door for him and Clouseau would fly through it. Here, you force tension as you abduct the bar, then at once release the tension, which propels you into a deeper range of motion.

2) Rollout Style: Inching along into your stretch, you just roll the bar to its first point of tension, take a deep breath, exhale further and so on until your individual range of motion max. These micro adjustments result in a deeper range of motion and more flexibility over time. And since time is relative, they can happen within a session or over a few days or week’s worth of time. Work at your own pace 🙂

The loaded stretching part is when we use a light weight (in this case the insertion of a 500g/1.1lb slug into one handle (long or short) and letting the weight gently pull into the direction of the stretch, almost like a partner gently assisting you into that pull. Loaded stretching (essentially stretching with weights) is a powerful complement to any training protocol as it helps build muscle and increase mobility.

This particular model works well for people who need help learning stretches, as well as for those with already a great flexible base (such as yoga enthusiasts) who want to challenge themselves by modifying some variables (in this case, tension and load, which helps add an element of strength to transfer into other activities).

MODALITY: Full body Flexibility



  • Triple Stretch
  • Triangle Pose/Windmill
  • Straddle Forward Bend
  • Straddle Side Bend

PROTOCOL: Hold each stretch for a minimum of 20-30 seconds, and try to go into no more than 3 “extra” levels of ROM (Range Of Motion), releasing the stretch/hold and shaking off excess tension in the muscles before repeating.

Do each stretch a couple of times until individually satisfied with the feeling or achieved depth. Be sure to not hold your breath or hold any labored breathing/grunting patterns. Only go to your a gentle level of resistance and avoid pain (OK to go with a light burn in the muscles, know the difference).