Education, Experience and Aspiration

Climbing in St. Lorenz

Education, Experience and Aspiration

Climbing in St. Lorenz

No matter where we are in life, what we do and “who” we are (in quotes because it can be philosophized at length), there is always a spark, not solely of inspiration, but aspiration, that ignites our pursuit of any goal. We all strive towards something beyond our current situation.

Even if our present circumstances were idyllic, we’d eventually aspire to something beyond them. It’s in our nature to evolve and grow, and as they say, change is inevitable and we can choose to ignore it or embrace it, even take it by its metaphorical horns.

That growth and evolution process is rooted in action. We aspire to become something that inspires us, we seek its path, which usually begins with education. From grabbing a book on our interested subject or watching a video, to receiving live instruction from a reputable and qualified source, to eventually spreading our own wings and flying, the experience seals the deal.

big wave suring

The payoff is usually an incredible sense of elation, a rush of emotions, the kind that makes us feel truly “alive” (pardon the cliché, though it stems from somewhere for a reason). We feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment and because of its fleeting nature, we want to recreate it, as that sensation will only fade in reflection, eventually.

In today’s society, we are so used to things being fast tracked and facilitated, we tend to lose some of the “grit” that makes the reward that much more appreciated. We earned that Spartan Race medal, we earned that grueling tennis match or powerlifting meet placement on the podium, with a personal best! Unless you personally went through the training, the process that yielded the outcome, you may not always appreciate to its full extent the value of that reward.

102nd Intelligence Wing members compete in Spartan Race

The journey to that reward can be paved with obstacles, and inefficiencies. Injuries, life, misinformation or lack of guidance can hinder the process. We all want a guarantee, and we know there are no guarantees in life. Or aren’t there?

The guarantees are: it requires work, discipline, commitment and a well-charted path. And if your “vehicle” (your body) is not working optimally, you WILL experience setbacks. Guaranteed. Not every vehicle comes with warning lights, and not all warning lights mean the same. A Check Engine light can be bad, or something as simple as closing your fuel cap properly.

We have crafted a course that helps you navigate the many benefits and uses of the ProBar. Much like the unseen journey towards one’s aspired goal(s), the ProBar’s benefits may not be apparent to you until you receive both education in how to use it and program it, but also, and most importantly, experience it first hand.

The experience seals the deal.