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Expanding more on the above topics, you will learn all three pillars of the ProBar Mobility System, which revolve around One Tool, Two Modalities and Three Configurations​You also walk away from the course with your very own ProBar and will have the opportunity to purchase additional kits if desired

Here are some highlights from one of our courses:


First we will go through the basic mechanics of how to assemble your ProBar, which includes:
– Assembling and identifying the end caps, also referred to as ball ends.
– Recognizing which extremities of the ProBar the ball ends thread into.
– How to assemble the two short ProBars into one long ProBar.
– How to add the weights, also referred to as “slugs” (the 500g/1.1lb cylinders) to micro-load the ProBar (one of the ProBar’s 2 modalities, which is torque or leverage manipulation).

Then, we will go over the proper mechanics of how to activate the ProBar’s key extension feature, which we commonly referred to as “twist and pull” or sometimes call it “distraction”. The action of twisting and pulling the ProBar is gentle, simple, no forcing allowed


We believe in learning by doing, simply. We can’t promise it will be easy, but we can promise you will.feel.everything. Get ready to enjoy the burn from this unassuming tool!

Learning by doing promotes a better:

– Experience and understand at your individual level of training, education or background, whether you are a physical therapist, personal trainer, strength and condition coach for professional athletes or a fitness enthusiast who is curious to learn more.
– Interaction with course attendees and instructors by providing your individual feedback and how it ties into your specific background. We welcome a wide variety and diversity of disciplines, whether you are a powerlifter, yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, Crossfit coach, golf or tennis coach etc.
– Assimilation of the system and its exercises more easily so that you can walk away with a faster understanding of the ProBar’s applications, without suffering from “learning indigestion” or “paralysis by analysis” come Monday when you go back to your regular activities.


“Symptoms make it hard, systems make it easy”

From conducting a movement screen to learning how to scale, progress or regress the various exercises covered in the Foundations course, you will be better equipped to:
– Select and periodize your or your clients’ program design.
– Reduce the risk of injury potential, as movement screens are not promises of success, rather predictors of failure.
– Simple cues are more effective. The ProBar’s unique self-correcting capabilities will bridge the gap between finding the right verbal cue and managing various levels of knowledge, fatigue, abilities or comprehension, all real life variables.
– Its “What The Hell” effect: it just works! While it’s a tall order to make claims, some movements will produce surprisingly quick results as movements will be both made easier (to perform) and harder (from a muscular engagement standpoint) as you will turn off overactive muscles and turn on underactive muscles, which will feel like you’re working harder, but you’re only working with better form and alignment.

Most importantly, you will learn the ins and outs the ProBar, how to use it as a standalone tool, how to implement it with other tools, its structural design and how the components work together and their choice selection, while leaving room for expansion.


The Foundations Course was initially designed as a 4-hr course based on research and market demands. However, on several occasions, we have been asked whether it would be possible to offer a longer course to delve more in-depth into the ProBar Mobility System’s nuances and applications, notably for distribution purposes. So you get the same content, albeit with more in depth explanations and discussions. Most courses are offered as 4-hour courses, whereas the 8-hr courses have been commissioned individually by groups or organizations.
Both sets of courses are CEU approved.

Most importantly, you will learn the ins and outs the ProBar, how to use it as a standalone tool, how to implement it with other tools, its structural design and how the components work together and their choice selection, while leaving room for expansion.

Here are some course video testimonials


Upon competition of the ProBar Foundations Course you’ll receive electronic proof of attendance, which can be redeemed for CEC’s from any of the following organizations:


I will bring this to a ton of different populations, from my high school athletes who are looking to take that next step, maybe take it to that next rep in the weight room or score that next goal on the field, and my patients’ routines as well. It is something I can specifically use with them, it’s easy to set up, I can do it right in the clinic, and show them how far they’ve come. (…) Mobility makes all the difference. I tell my patients all the time “you can be strong in 45º of motion, but if you’re not getting that full motion, you’re not getting any added benefit, so being able to utilize a tool like [the ProBar] them bring them back to their full mobility then being able to strengthen them within that full mobility is going to make a world of difference to them.

The whole idea of the posterior chain activation is something that I coach and with some patients I’m banging my head against the wall, trying to get them to activate and connect to it. With a tool like the ProBar it’s just automatic

Dr Nick Mangone
Physical Therapist at Wayne Physical Therapy in Wayne, NJ

I’m amazed at how far the ProBar really takes me with activating extra muscles and maybe pulling in the smaller muscle groups that I’m looking at with bigger movements. And for me, to leave out that extra 2% or 5% on the table is just not acceptable.I always have my patients ago after it, and the ProBar does that with a lot less cueing. So, I don’t need to go there tactile or verbally. As soon as they distract the ProBar, they know what they need to do.

Dr Phil Lombardo
Board certified Doctor of Physical Therapy, Paramus, NJ

Being able to incorporate full-body workouts that can take me less than 10 minutes and use them maybe as a warm-up before jujitsu, or a cool-down after, to get some mobility work and some strength training as well would really benefit me personally. There’s a lot of specific postural education and mobility work in my physical therapy practice, I feel that the ProBar connects that missing link.

Chris Rago
Physical Therapist, NJ. Blue belt in BJJ and Soccer Player

I’ve had an injury where I had difficulty with both shoulder retraction and depression, and it’s one of the main things [the ProBar] does. With all the methods of PT that I went through, the bar itself kind of put that all together into one easy tool to use for me.

Jeff Eades
Personal Trainer, NJ

You can’t even imagine all the things that they can teach you at the workshop and that you can do and utilize and add to your repertoire and be freaking bad-ass!

Kim Glass
2008 Olympics Volleyball Silver Medallist & Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA

It’s a great tool that’s easy to use and it can also help me work out some of my issues with my shoulder as well as my mobility.

Seth Avergon
Marketing Director, Long Beach, CA

This bar is is simple yet so effective when it comes to muscular activation, I’m pretty sure my clients are going to love it.

Jeremy Ng
Master Trainer, distributor and facility owner, Malaysia

I always look for ways to have my clients work on what they need to work on at home as simply as possible, and the ProBar really adds to that.

Paul Daniels, Personal Trainer
The Body Warehouse, Orange County, CA.

This ProBar is very intriguing to me. It’s very a simple product, but there’s a lot of complexity and variety, and pretty much an infinite amount of little nuances that make any movement pattern better. It pretty much blew my mind that all the restrictions and mobility issues that I have can be improved not over days or weeks or years, but literally in seconds. So for me this has a very profound impact not only on how I train myself, but how I train my clients.

I’m always looking for ways to make the movement better, and I just found it.

Franz Snideman
Co-founder and chief instructor at Primal Speed & CEO/Founder at FS Athletics, La Jolla, CA.

We like to use it on our return to sports clients, also because it allows them to work on the distraction in a way they can’t work at home with a PVC pipe. It is also beneficial in our clinic to work on people with overhead injuries, chronic back pain and core stabilization and back strengthening.

Vanessa Avila
PT Assistant, Koh Physical Therapy Lab, Irvine, CA

As a performance specialist for over 20 years, I firmly believe that MOVEMENT is paramount. Preparing my athletes to perform and helping them move better is my priority. With any of my athletes, whether it is NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA/LPGA, USATF, or otherwise, I have found that using the ProBar has helped me fast track their activation and movement preparation routines. I have always been a fan of using a dowel rod in multiple ways to activate, but the physiological responses that I get by using the ProBar have really helped me identify what my athletes need to work on the most. I have used ProBar to implement a series of corrective exercises to improve any deficits in their stability, mobility, and coordination to make sure that we are getting the most out of each performance session.


BETTER EVERY DAY Performance Institute (Owner)
• Under Armour Training Team • TRX Master Instructor •
• SPRI Master Trainer • GOLFleticism® Creator •


Trevor Anderson, CSCS
Master Performance Specialist

ProBar Mobility has been an integral addition to our athlete programming. From the ease of use, depth of its impact on establishing instant feedback, and eliciting usable ROM, this tool is a fixture in establishing appropriate movement patterns. ProBar’s multiple applications is proof that this tool has more ‘bang for the buck’ than anything on the market right now.

AMPD Golf Performance, LLC

Damon Goddard, PES CGFI3

My shoulders and back were twitching with new freedom and wanting more of Probar.  Remarkable tool!

Joy K
From San Diego

I have been using it every day and using an on my clients! Everybody loves it! Looking forward to experimenting with it more in taking some online classes!! As I told you when I was meeting with you I will most likely have a bunch of my members buying it! Already have 2 going to order it today!   Thanks again for the time that you spent with me to explain it!! Great product

Vicky Wyder
Physical therapist/sports conditioning at Business Performance Pty Ltd

Philippe it was a pleasure meeting you at the WGFS in Orlando. I have tried several exercises and the bar is amazing. Thank you for your personal attention. With all of the vendors there Pro Bar was a great piece of equipment that I will certainly use with my clients to improve their mobility. I really like the feedback it gives the exerciser that allows them to realize how different it feels when retracting the scapular.

Kevin Kaylor
TPI Fitness 2 Pro-Health and Fitness