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We offer 4-hour mobility courses that teaches fitness professionals how to properly and effectively use ProBar with their clients to restore mobility, prevent injury and help them lead a more competitive, active lifestyle.

Classes require a minimum of 8 people and are available all over the world.

Upon joining the Fundamentals class, you can get the following from us:


A complimentary ProBar that you can use to learn about the ProBar fundamentals


A handbook guide for all the materials covered from our course so you can backtrack any lessons taught


A certificate that you can use as a proof of your training with us at ProBar Mobility

Looking to purchase more ProBars after the course? We can get you an additional ProBar at a special discounted price after completing the lessons!

Your proof of attendance can be used for your Continuous Education Credits (CEC) to further your qualifications as a trainer/educator. Certificates offered in this course are credited by the following associations:


Philippe Til

With over three decades practicing a variety of martial arts ranging from the traditional Shotokan, to more fluid Eskrima and Kali, acrobatic Capoeira and stealthy Ninjutsu, Philippe Til has also dedicated his professional personal training careers focusing on restorative movements and arts after having suffered a spinal injury whose effects trickled down to other parts of his body. Electing to avoid any surgery, Philippe decided to dig deeper into the development of strength skills, kettlebell training, Indian Clubs and the natural design of the human body by gathering knowledge from established coaches in various fields of fitness, from Pavel Tsatsouline, to Dr Ed Thomas, Gray Cook, Brett Jones and also by researching the Physical Education he underwent during his childhood, at a time when P.E. was still a strong element of the educational curriculum.


As a result, he went back to some of the roots of Historical Physical Education and through the century-old adaptation of a fellow Frenchman’s work, Georges Hébert and his Natural Method, Philippe took the minimum effective dose of skills with a low barrier to entry in order to be able to work with individuals at levels of fitness.


Philippe has, over time, held or is still holding, certifications through the RKC, SFG, NASM, IFPA, CICS, FMS and FCS. Philippe also is the inventor of a patented bar-based mobility system that revolves around his invention, the ProBar™, a versatile piece of equipment that helps increase mobility through self-corrective exercises. He is also a surfer, and lives in Southern California with his wife Noëlle and two sons Fletcher and Branson.

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