ProBar Mobility Workshop

Be freaking bad-ass!

ProBar Mobility Workshop

“Add this to your repertoire and be freaking bad-ass!” -Kim Glass, Volleyball Silver Medal 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“Until they handle it, I don’t think they get the full experience” -Seth Avergon, Marketing Consultant, Fitness enthusiast, Trainer.

Take the plunge and join the trainers, athletes, physical therapists but also everyday fitness enthusiasts who are taking the ProBar Foundations Courses.

The greatest challenge is to assess visually something as abstract as a feeling, even with a written understanding of training concepts. Trying to explain how the ProBar feels, versus how it works, is like trying to smell the number 4, or describing the taste of dragonfruit.

What you can do in the meantime is hear what a new crop of recently trained individuals have to say about it. Check out our video!