The Problem

Our body’s natural ability to move freely has been compromised by the modern lifestyle. Whether a person has been highly active and training hard at the gym day-after-day, or led a mostly sedentary life, sitting at their desk for long hours, their body is suffering from tightness, imbalances and a lack of mobility.

Why Mobility Matters

The ProBar was developed out of the necessity to help people move again. Training strength, speed, and endurance are all important factors in health and fitness, but mobility is the crux. For instance: open hips will make a runner faster; a full range of motion will allow a golfer to increase the distance of their drive. Without mobility, athletes can’t maximize their performance to reach their full potential.

The Solution

Now the highest-quality and most versatile bar-based mobility system on the market, the ProBar corrects poor movement patterns and creates a wider, more precise range of motion for enhanced, injury-free performance. In the ring, on the field, green or court, or throughout your everyday life, the ProBar will help you move better.