Soccer Player

A great “do anywhere” move to get you ready for the World Cup!

Soccer Player

Before you think we are trying to “sell you” on some magical move that fixes all, we recognize how tall such a claim can be. And we’re not click-baiting you either!

But we do like to discuss moves that delivers several benefits at once, that you can do anywhere (if you do them with a ProBar, and if you don’t have one, there is always the cable option at the gym).

And let’s face it, one of the biggest event in sports, watched by over 3 billion (!) people, is coming up, and that’s the FIFA World Cup of Soccer, so we wanted to tie this post to it, in full transparency. But the move, as always, can be used for other sports as well.


Half Kneeling Chop from ProBar on Vimeo.

It’s the Half Kneeling Chop. Here’s how we break it down and how it benefits soccer:

  1. Half-Kneeling Position: asymmetrical, isolateral, it allows you to expose and correct any imbalances in your lower limbs, but also your core musculature and its stability and rotational ability.
  2. The hip on the kneeling side gets stretched, while the ankle on the non-kneeling side gets to stabilize. The hip gets further stretched as does the other side’s ankle as you gently pulse or push your weight forward.
  3. The half kneeling position also reduces an element of lumbar twist, to focus more on twisting at the thoracic spine. With the lumbar freed up, you are more stable and with the t-spine more mobile, the benefits trickle into better extension, coordination of upper and lower limbs and also better breathing.
  4. The tension maintained by the “chopping” motion, diagonal, engages the core musculature.

So, stronger core, better mobility, better coordination, better breathing and more range of motion/flexibility in an activity that is both about generating power while sustaining cardiovascular activity for extended periods of time at various speeds and angles? Sign us up!